• The Highline

    A couple of weeks ago we traveled to New York to gather footage for a city Storyclock theme pack and to conduct interviews for a new documentary about a cyber ranch in Montana. (http://www.daysoatdunrovin.com). Cyber ranch? It’s a real working ranch with horses, donkeys, dogs and an Osprey nest on Web Cam. People from all over the world visit and comment on the web cam during the summer when the birds are raising their young. It’s developed into quite the social community, including a few individuals who live in the city in NY, hence our trip. There is a NY & Montana connection. There is another one too. For both Montana and NY have a “highline.” Montana’s highline is similar in that a rail line runs its way in nature. And yes, both highlines will be featured in their own Storyclock theme.

    Highline NYC

    From the Highline in New York City.         Photo by Cindy Knutsen



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  1. Hobie Hare says:

    This is wonderful, and thank you for sharing and doing this wonderful collaboration connecting people and landscapes they call home and visit. Love the Montana “Hi Line” meets NYC “High Line” theme, too!